For my birthday this year instead of receiving gifts I’ve decided to create a fundraiser to support Ballroom dance community.

We have several difficult months of lockdowns ahead of us all over the whole world.
No competitions, no group dance classes, and some studios are completely closed. A lot of students are losing their interest and motivation in dancing.
A lot of dance teachers are struggling without their jobs at the moment and have to think to do something else and search for another job to make living.

Luckily I keep doing what I love, I have my way to survive. I support my students, in return they support me and I’m very thankful for that.

We stay strong together and keep dancing no matter what!

But I’m here to help and support more people, all ballroom dance community in the world. Dancers of all ages wish to participate in those online classes, many companies and teachers are trying to do right now, but the difficult financial situation in their families due to the pandemic is not letting them do so.

In support of this ballroom dancers,
I want to bring back free online classes with the world top teachers, at lease once a week, for a few months, for everyone in the ballroom dance community. I believe that this will reunite our Ballroom dance world and will bring back the love of ballroom dancing, for those who have started loosing it.

I don’t want to ask those dance teachers to do it for free, I understand that at the moment they are in a difficult financial situation and need to make some money for living.

I’m putting my own money, my time and my energy to organize this new project and I hope to have your support as well.
The #supportballroomdanceworld fund is open for donations, for those who are able to help and support the whole ballroom dance community with me.

Everyone who will support this cause will of course be able to participate in all the classes, and on top of that get some extra benefits such as advertising your company during the class, verbally, with a picture or a short video. You will also be able to get the recording of the classes, even the ones you missed.

I hope you will appreciate my idea and join me in keeping our cause alive.

Support each other, stay strong together and keep dancing no matter what!


Max Fomin