1. New experts will be added every day.

  2. For the pricing please contact us by email: followmaxfomin@gmail.com.

  3. Payment can be done through: E-transfer or Paypal.

  4. As soon as you are ready to use this service, send us your video.

  5. Be patient, give us some time to process your order.

Here how it look like:


❓Answers to your questions about the project:

1. Price / it is different for every expert, pretty affordable and up to 3 to 5 times cheaper then the full price for their private lessons 👌🏼

2. Confidentiality / to order the feedback you have the rights to keep it private, we never will post public your personal feedback without your agreement 👌🏼

3. Service / Experts spending from 10 to 20min to process one order ( they will watch few times your video, analyze it and record from 3 to 5 min video message with concentrated information with their opinion on your dancing and advice what you have to improve. 👍🏼

4. Benefits/ Having feedback from our experts will definitely increase your motivation to practice immediately. 💯

Don’t miss this great opportunity, film you practice and send it to us 🙌🏼