Hello everyone!
My name is Maxim Fomin. I’m a professional dancer and ballroom dance instructor.
I started this project to
motivate you all in this difficult time . These online classes, with the best dancers in the world, would
motivate us not to lose our shape and will help us to stay positive! I’m sure that all these classes will
help you a lot. This is a great way to improve our dance level by learning from the best dancers in the
world. And today, this opportunity is just one click away from us! It’s a new era in the Dance World,
where all the best dancers and teachers sharing their knowledge with you and you don’t have any
restrictions for not to have it!

I wish to all of you to have a great time
on these online classes!
Eventually, out of all the negative surrounding us right now, we will benefit from huge results that will
have a positive impact on us, dancers,
teachers and our dance community!
So, stay calm at your home, do what you do the best, don’t stop dancing, all this wil pass and we will be
back on the dance floor even stronger then before!

Thank you,
Maxim Fomin


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